Help Desk slowness


We are using the HELP DESK and it is quite slow, especially in opening an issue. Now we created a technical group with 60 technicians (teachers) and it was unfeasible, the opening of an issue for this area took 4 min.

Gibbon Versão v25.0.00
PHP Versão 8.1.8
MySQL Versão 10.6.5
Help Desk v2.1.02

Appreciate if you can help,


Hi Alessandra, I suspect the bottleneck is that, with 60 technicians in a group, it’s attempting to email 60 people every time an issue is created, which is takes a lot of system resources. I suspect the size of the technician group is a bit beyond the intended scope of what the module was created for. Is your aim for 60 people to be emailed each time a new issue is created? If so, perhaps you can create a mailing list on your end, and add a user with that mailing list as it’s email, so that by emailing one “user” the system is able to email 60 other users. Hope this helps!