Help Desk Module installation

I got this error when I try to install it:

What should I do?

Looks like the folder name may not be correct. If you rename the module’s folder to Help Desk` it should work.

Thanks Sandra, I modified the name to “Help Desk”, now the error message does not appear again, look:

once I click on the “+” icon I have this message in the “Home > System Admin > Manage Modules”, :cry:

Also, trying to find out more info about this module I found this warning:
UNSTABLE! DO NOT USE! A Help Desk module for Gibbon.

more details here:

Adolofo, it definitely is stable, as we are using it in production. I’ll ask the author to come in and take a look. It looks like gibbonSystemSettingsID should be gibbonSettingID. Ross

Hi Adolofo, Thanks for finding this bug. I have new version ready and released (found here, this should fix your issue. The Help Desk is mostly stable, however there are many know issue with the current version. A complete code revamp is in the works, but there’s currently no release date.

Thanks Ray. Those known issues aren’t bugs though, right? Just things you want to improve?

Thanks Ross and Ray, seems to be the problem persist with the update, the module is effectivilly installed:

If I move on top of the page the error message appears again: :smiley:

Once I “refresh” the page the error message disappears:

So, is it with or without problems?
Ray, my name is Adolfo, not Adolofo, it was a Ross spelling mistake, :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I do make mistakes from time to time ; ) Sorry Adolfo!

Don´t worry Ross, and what about the persisten error message?, is it working even with this red message?

Adolfo, try and remove the module using the trash can icon in the interface, removing all database tables (there is an option for this). Then try and reinstall it. Hopefully the error message will disappear. Ross.

Noup, I followed your last instructions Ross, also I removed the Help Desk folder in the Gibbon Module folder, then I uploaded it again, installed again, and the red message still appears. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

@rclark your input is still needed!

Sorry Adolofo, I have another release ready to go. The previously mentioned known issues are a combination of possible improvements and possible bugs that could cause the Help Desk to not work properly (No security problems to my knowledge). However apparently none of them have caused an issue yet.

Good, now everything Ok, thanks @rclark and Ross

Hi folks,
Maybe a late reflection :slight_smile: , I keep getting this error as well in both 1.1.00 and 1.1.01.
If I change line 63 in manifest.php

the installation of the Helpdesk module does not longer report any errors.
Am I on the right track here? B)


@rclark any thoughts on Patrik’s question?

Might finally be time to add an additional folder layer in there with the correct name ; )