Help Desk - Hel Desk Statistics Error

Hi!! I created a Issue and when I click on HELP DESK STATISTICS the error shown below occurs. Thanks!!


@rayclark @Ashton are you able to field this one? Thanks!

Please, can anyone help me?

To me, it looks like a trouble ticket was requested and the ticket was stored in the system. That ticket was not assigned to a person (technician) to resolve, nor does it have to be assigned. Since it is a valid ticket, it shows up with the green check mark until it is marked as totally resolved by clicking on the green check mark. The pink background indicates it is an unresolved problem waiting for the repair job to be completed, not a Gibbon error. Everything looks OK to me. (I’m not the writer of the Help Desk module, but a user.)

Thanks Glenn, yes it does look like it’s working correctly.

Alessandra, the “error” message in black is actually a warning, which is non-critical and aimed at developers. If this is a live server in production, it’s best to set php.ini display_errors to 0 to disable it, so you don’t see any warnings or notices.