Handling Families

We are just starting to use Gibbon (well I’m setting it up). We have about 50 students.

We will be entering the students in manually this year (parents have already registered into a Google Sheet currently).
Initially, parents will NOT be users (nor will students), but that could change once we’ve installed and “settled” into the app. Since we (aka one of my staff) will be entering them, and I used the app form to do it, it looks like they all went into one big family.

  1. How can I manage/edit/change/etc families? Some TEACHERS will have students/children…and some SUPPORT STAFF (aka volunteer parents) will have access to help.
  2. Should I do this differently? I’d love to be pointed to a best practices or something


Hi Jason, you’ve chosen a reasonable strategy for getting a small group of students into the system, but it sounds like you were logged in when submitting the application forms, which is why they have all grouped together. If you’d been logged out, you could have separated them.

Check out Admin > User Admin > Manage Families to create new families and move the students and parents between them.

Importing might have been easier, especially if you start dealing with larger student numbers.