Graph not displaying under Tracking

Hello, gibbon community. i am unable to generate the graph on the Tracking page. i have the following error in the console

Hi dataengr, thanks for bringing this to our attention. It looks like this page was still using an old version of the chart.js script, which is not included in the newest v23 lib folder. I’ve fixed the issue here, which is backwards compatible. If you update your graphing.php script to the one included in the commit here, it should start working for you. As a note, without a certain volume of data in your system though, you may not see many results on the graph.

Wow @ross, it works.

Thanks very much for the quick response. Thanks for the reminder as well. I am new to Gibbon and now exploring the features. I have been reading your posts and watching your tutorials from afar. Having you to respond to my question is exciting.

Great work.

Hi dataengr, welcome to the Gibbon community, I’m glad to hear that the fix worked for you :smiley: