Gradebook column types not updating

Something very strange :o

I go to change the Gradebook types but the list in the drop-down is not changing:

Home > School Admin > Gradebook Settings

Home > Gradebook > View G1ART.A Gradebook > Add Column:


Hi tiebubd,

Works fine here.
Could you explain your settings because my dropdown doesn’t show the entry “-- Per Term --”.

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Works fine for me too on other installations.

I’m also wondering why it says “-- Per Term --”.

Here are my settings, which are the same as other sites. But these other sites don’t display “-- Per Term --”, and the Type list updates when I make a change.


@rossdotparker @ross

I urgently need to resolve this for a school so that grading can continue.

After some digging, it looks like this happens when the weightings are set for a particular class. The Type options are limited to the Types used in the cumulative grade calculation.

Hi Tieku, yes, once a class starts using weightings then the types available to it are based on the specific weightings for that class, rather than the general catch-all system setting.