Google OAuth Deprecation

@george, getting the following now for Google logins:

PHP message: PHP Deprecated:  google-api-php-client’s autoloader was moved to src/Google/autoload.php in 1.1.3. This redirect will be removed in 1.2. Please adjust your code to use the new location. in /var/www/ichk-ssl/lib/google/google-api-php-client/autoload.php on line 25

Any chance you can take a look at this? Ideally would like to get it fixed before v11 hits, so we don’t have problems mid-version if they end support on their end.



Hi Ross,

 Having a look. I have updated the API and am testing. Can’t remember where the is logged in was set. have you altered the code in v11?

The really odd thing is I cannot get the google login button to work for gibbonV11 without any code changes? Have there been any changes to the google login script that I am not aware of. 


That is very odd indeed. Keep looking into the cause of this if you can, and let me know later on today how you get on.

In terms of the original error you flagged up, you were right, it is the calendar causing it. It is now fixed, by updating the Google libraries (which did not work), and then by using the correct version of autoload.php (duh!). The commit can be found in: