Google App Login

Hi Ross,

I’m setting up a new system. I have followed the instructions for Google Development Console integration, but upon google-based login, I get:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home//lib/googleOAuth/index.php:168) in /home//lib/googleOAuth/index.php on line 327

The Logout is a hyperlink to

(I’ve renamed the actual server directory to for now)



That is odd. This code was written by George Tibbetts, so I will ask him to take a look and get back to you. This code is in production use on both ICHK installations with no issues…wonder what is different in your case.


Hi David,
Can you check that there are no spaces before the “<?” in Are you trying to debug? The redirect takes exception to echoing out content before the process is complete.


David, George, OK, I believe I have fixed the issue, and the changes have been committed to v9.1 dev branch on GitHub. The patched file ( should work in v9.0.00, if you just add it over the old one.

David, keep in mind that you also need to enable the Calendar API in Google Dev Console. This is written in the text on, but the image is a little out of date, and does not show this.

George, I don’t understand why the old code was spitting out an HTML page and logout link when the user is authenticated. It was this that was stopping the header being sent. As Gibbon’s core deals with offering the logout link, I just stopped the OAuth code from doing that. What is really odd is that it has been working fine on old installations, just not new ones. I have tested it with both positive and negative cases, and it is working as expected.

Very odd.


Works like a charm! Thanks Ross!

Awesome. I think that pretty much rounds up v9.1. Going to initiate release prep early next week, so it might make production within a month. There are some other fixes in it that would be nice to make official.