Gibbon's Other Features

Hello everybody, especially Mr Ross.

Personally, I like Gibbon because it has a wide array of options and because it has a very active forum.

I have been exploring Gibbon for a while now and there are some features I thought were within it but which I haven’t seen. I am thinking of creating those features as extensions, but I want to be sure that those feature are not included before I start. This will help me not to repeat something that is already available. It seems that I am not totally familiar with the naming convention used here, but of course I have understood a lot of things about the application and how to use it.

The following are the features I am talking about. Please, if those features are already embedded in Gibbon, show me where to access them. And if they are not available, then I will write extensions for them.

  1. Report Center: for designing Reports, creating Custom Reports and printing Report Cards.
  2. Student Transcripts
  3. Hostel/Dormitory management: tool to efficiently manage all hostels and residential facilities in the school. It will allocate rooms to students, collect and track any hostel fees, and generate comprehensive reports about all (important) hostel administrative activities.
  4. Transport management: Tool to manage and optimize entire transportation operation to ensure safe and efficient transport of students to and from school. It will maintain vehicle and routing details, collect transportation fees, and track the number of students using school transport.
  5. Polls: tool to take surveys from staff, students and parents
  6. Online examination: Tool for creating customized computer-based testing. With a rich set of question types, and standardized tests that allow students to see test results right away.
  7. Form builder: Tool to build various types of forms such as, contact forms, feedback forms, and many more custom forms.
  8. Alumni: Tool to organize events to help connect students and employees with alumni and build strong relationships.
  9. I want to know if Gibbon supports The Common Core State Educational Standards: to establish a single set of clear educational standards used by the state for kindergarten through 12th grade. This is in addition to the school specific standards that are defined either by a teacher or by the school authority.

I wait earnestly for your reply. In the meantime, I will keep exploring Gibbon and studying its user manuals to have a better understanding of it.

Thank you in advance.

Warm regards.


This is a great list! Sadly, you are right, none of these things are currently in Gibbon, and it would be great if they are. I think all of them make sense as Additional modules. Good luck working with them…and let me know if you have any questions. Perhaps you might find some open source collaborators to work with you ; )

Ross (no need for Mr. : )


it really impress me by your laundry List feature , So we are not only expect Gibbon, but we also have to take responsibility to keep adding extra bit of features, so i think we all stand together and work together nothing is impossible. but it will take some time to get something if we work hard our self .


Thanks to you Ross and Andrew for the comments. I will add those features myself. I will also submit those codes for use by other developers. Once I add a unique feature, I will inform you all so that we can all look into it together and so that others can use it too if they want to.

There is one thing I need to be clear about: the markbook. I want to know if the markbook can be used to print all the results of a student for a year or for a term or for even a mid term.


yes Daniel, i appreciate your thought.
i do believe that Gibbon will consider our stuff that we prepare, and try to bring those item to community and community will gives feedback about it. So it is a great platform to test and verify Bugs.


Hello Daniel

I truly appreciate your plans and look forward to the modules becoming available. I am the IT Manager for a private Christian boarding school and have been looking at ways to implement the features you detailed. Gibbon is wonderful and these additions would make it amazing, replacing several systems my school is currently using and attempting to implement.


Most of Gibbon is not designed for printing, as my school’s students have laptops. So, the Markbook can be printed to PDF using your browser, and then printed, but this is not a nicely formatted report, which I think you are after.

For our PDF reports, we have a custom written module from Rapid36 ( If you want to speak to them about a Reporting module, let me know, and I can put you in touch with the CEO, Andy Statham.