Hello Ross and Sandra,

I know there’s a lot going on in everyone’s schedule, but just being curious is there plan to have a Gibbon webinar or there’s a post I missed about it because seems last time you held one was like 3-4 yrs ago :# :confused:
Might probably help shape how everyone uses Gibbon.

Kind Regards.

Hi Kelvin,

You are right, we’ve not done a training day in some time, and since then the community has grown. In the meantime we have done some hackathons, but these are more on the programming than usage side.

@ross, what do you think? We could organise one of these on, say, a Friday morning afternoon, and that might work for people in a range of timezones.



I really look forward to this :slight_smile:

-and just being curious where do such posts (hackathon) get posted or a subscription for such made…

That training would be very helpful, as I have several from our school I hope will watch. And I hope it will be recorded for those who cannot attend, too.

@admin Yep, I’d be up for organizing another training day. Friday morning/afternoon works for me.

Excellent. 05/03/2021works for me, as does 05/02/2021…but the former (March) is definitely better. What do you think?

March sounds better, to have time to get the word out and plan for the event.

Great. I’ll put it in my Trello list for us to discuss tomorrow. Thanks!

Great! great! great!

Feb/March is fine, I am sure most schools are starting up their semesters/terms this Jan and so it will be an opportunity to learn and correct simple mistakes and get to know more + what’s in store.

Very exciting! and Thanks @admin , @ross and everyone.


Thank you Kelvin and Glenn for not only suggesting the training day but also attending and asking great questions. It was awesome to meet you and to share some insights into Gibbon. The videos have been uploaded, you can find the playlist for the whole training day here: Gibbon Training Day 2021.

Thanks! :smiley:

Thank you Sandra and the whole Gibbbon fraternity for a well explained step by step training, there was alot to learn and confirm only time was the limiting factor.

A wonderful system for wonderful schools.


I definitely agree with Kevin. THANK YOU SANDRA AND ROSS FOR DOING THIS. And thanks to the others who participated as well!

I missed the training but wanted to thank you for making it available on youtube! I found it through the “Installation” video on the getting started site when I started to look out for other videos from the training day.

I have not been through all the videos, but shouldn’t the installation video be embedded on the installation site and the second session video on the getting started site?
Since the videos seem really useful for me as a fresh gibbon user / admin, maybe a link to the videos from the forum, through an announcement post or the header text, would help getting new users started.

This is REALLY GREAT content! It would be a pity if not everyone interested in gibbon gets a pointer to it. It definitely made my day, and I am going to watch all of it - probably multiple times. I already thought that gibbon is a great, felxible system, but this makes me even more enthusiastic. I can’t wait until I finish my lessons today to continue watching the videos.

Thank you Paul for your enthusiasm and suggestions :smiley: I’ve swapped the installation video over to it’s respective page and added the second session to the getting started page. I’ve also posted it to the forums here.

Great to hear you’re getting up and running with Gibbon and thanks for your kind words!