Gibbon v23 release date pushed back 4 days

Dear Gibbon Community,

The Gibbon team has decided to delay the v23.0.00 release until January 24th, 2022, in order to ensure a smooth and stable update for all users.

With every release, we aim to deliver a thoroughly tested and stable new version of Gibbon. We place a high emphasis on stability over feature development, because we know how many schools rely on Gibbon as their core school platform.

The upcoming release of v23 (Ga Yau) includes several back-end improvements to the authentication system, session management system, payment gateway, and installer. It also includes essential improvements to the codebase, including deprecations and input validation.

With every new version we perform a full system test of every action in the system, checking for any logical, visual, or translation issues. Given the scope of changes, our team has made the decision to extend the timeline of the full system test for v23 by four days, giving us additional time to ensure the release is stable and ready to go. This means that we will delay the release of v23 until Monday January 24th.

Thank you for your continued support of Gibbon! We are looking forward to to the upcoming release, and as always, enjoy building and sharing an open source platform that meets the needs of many different schools.


Sandra Kuipers
Gibbon Maintainer