Gibbon V20 Development Error in Parent Login Having More than one children


There is an issue in V20 Development Version that is

When a parent who has more than one children in school log in the home page for parent shows OH NO Error!

Here is error log

/public_html/cms/modules/Badges/moduleFunctions.php:20) in /public_html/cms/modules/Badges/moduleFunctions.php on line 20

The parent with single child is fine and there is no error for that.

You are requested to please look into it and fix it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Ghulam Abbas

Error log

[14-May-2020 15:10:38 Asia/Karachi] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getBadges() (previously declared in /home/sqgtmd089mfl/public_html/cms/modules/Badges/moduleFunctions.php:20) in /home/sqgtmd089mfl/public_html/cms/modules/Badges/moduleFunctions.php on line 20