Gibbon over LAN

I’ve installed Gibbon on windows server 2008 with WAMP server running. I have allowed access over the network although when I tested it on one of the local machines it didn’t work fully. I get the login screen but the logo and any other images have disappeared and when I log in I can’t access any of the pages from the drop down menus. Could this be a read/write access issue with windows server 2008 possibly? Any help would be much appreciated!

Paul, when you installed, most likely it picked up the local address, so for example http://localhost/gibbon. Once used from another machine using an IP address or domain name, things stop working. The solution is to go into Admin > System Admin > System Settings, and change the Base URL to include the IP/Domain. Check out the attached screenshot for an example.

PS, welcome to the Gibbon community : )

I just realised the system was looking for localhost this morning when I received your message! Thank you very much.

Paul, such is working in IT…ask a question, and often the answer comes to you! Keep the questions coming : )