Gibbon installation stopping at Step - 3

I have successfully installed Gibbon on my local Computer running Windows 8 using Xampp. But now I want to install it on a Remote Server using PHP and MySQL 5.6.30 . I have created the necessary Datatabase and Username on the Remote Server using cPanel. The installer is only going up to show Installation Step - 3 Blue Window with mountainous images on the bottom of the window.

How do I fix this problem to move forward?
Kind regards.


If you can turn on errors in php.ini, or check your error log, you can get more information about what is causing this error. I guess you do not have gettext installed, which will give an error about the function _().

Let us know what you discover.


The errors are turned on. The webmaster will install gettext by tomorrow and I will communicate thereafter. Regards


Did you get this sorted? I’m having the same issue. Trying to install on my web server and keep getting the Step 3 page loading background and title but nothing else. If I try reloading the page, I get an error message saying that a database connection can’t be established because I entered the wrong credentials. Of course, I didn’t enter any credentials as the fields wouldn’t load. Please help.

Hi Victoria,
What OS is your Webserver running?
Have you turned on error reporting in your php.ini file?

I had the same problem. I’ve resolved it, but this information is for others who may be facing the same. Elsewhere in this forum, it is suggested to:

(1) Install gettext, but this was already installed and is the latest version in my case.
(2) Edit the php.ini file and add extension=php_gettext.dll, but it’s a long file with many sections, so I didn’t know where to insert it.

Looking at the error log (located at /var/log/apache2 on my Ubuntu system), I noticed there was a mysql access issue, so it was unable to create a database for Gibbon. I granted full privileges to myself (as a mysql user for all databases and tables), and when I tried to install Gibbon again, this time it worked.

iqtedar, thanks for kindly sharing your solution here for others to see. This is a most appreciate contribution to our community! Note that giving full access to your user is a security risk, as it could allow a malicious actor to do more harm that if some rights are restricted (e.g. dropping the database entirely). I can’t currently give you a list of all rights that Gibbon needs, but I do know it is not the full set. Something to keep in mind as you move forwards perhaps. Thanks again! Ross.