gibbon do not show me the changes

Hi, how are you? I am new and I just started.

I already installed Gibbon and followed all the steps.

The problem that I am having is for example when I delete a year and return to the list of years it shows me again. I put it back to eliminate and it tells me that the year does not exist.
The same thing happens to me with modifications and creations from other years, courses, users, etc.

It does not show me the modifications but these are if they are made.

What can be happening?

From already thank you very much

I attached screenshot of the changes that are reflected in the database and not in gibbon

Hi @magliluc, welcome to the community, and apologies for the delay in replying. I’m on the road right now, but from memory, we’ve seen this once or twice before, and it can be caused by .htdocs and other related server config issues. Try this link, which searches the forum for htdocs, and see if you find anything useful there. If not, let us know. Thanks! Ross.