Gibbon Crash

I installed Gibbon on my VM and did a school setup. After some time i restarted my VM dhcp now gibbon server have a new ip address. whenever i try to access gibbon using the new ip add ( i can see gibbon homepage but with out no logo. whenever i enter admin username and password i will gain access but if i click on any menu (School Admin) i get a respond from my brower (Google Chrome) “site can’t be reached” and the url shows up the previous ip address( I have tried a new broswer (Internet explorer) and also chrome incongnito still no luck. can someone help?

Kelvin, head into the database and go to the table gibbonSetting. Find the row named absoluteURL, and update the value to include the new IP address. Logout (to kill the session), and it should go back to normal. Ross.

do you mean inside CHANGEDB.php file?

No, actually within your mySQL database. Do you know how to access the database? Usually I use phpMyAdmin to do that, but any mySQL client will do.

I have heard this free, open source client is good:

Done! Now works perfectly well. Thanks alot.