Gibbon cannot detect timetable conflicts, help

Now, I have a new problem, I tried to set up a timetable for 2 class and 1 teacher. I have one time-column, but the timetable for the teacher has a conflict. Please see the screenshot.

Hi kanglinyao,

Hmm, it’s hard to tell from the screenshot what the intended result should be, without knowing the structure of your timetable. Are you finding that after importing your timetable that the classes for that teacher are in the wrong periods? This may come down to the “Row Long Name” used in the CSV file that was imported, which needs to match the row-name of the Timetable Column (from Manage Columns) for that particular Timetable Day (from Manage Timetables). Each timetable day may share the same column, or may have different columns, depending on your setup.