getCurrentTerms not working

So in my module that hooks in to reports, the markbook function getCurrentTerms works great for getting a list of terms specific to a class. However, outside of this module, I cannot get this function to return anything. I’ve instanced a new markbook with a valid gibbonCourseClassID, so I think the problem lies with the SettingGateway.

What am I missing?

Hi Nate, this function is specific to the Markbook, and so probably is not what you are looking for. There is a term gateway class for terms (see /src/Domain/School/SchoolYearTermGateway.php) and this has the method querySchoolYearTerms. Does this do what you are looking for? If not, perhaps a variation of it, perhaps selectSchoolYearTerms with the ability to specify gibbonSchoolYearID? Cheers, Ross.