Full Financial Module

Hello, I am new here just start looking in to gibbon in Liberia, West Africa. I am sure it will be good to add a full financial payment for student that will include installment. I also thing that the financial module should be editable with the possibility of adding a custom field

Hi harris99, welcome to the Gibbon forums and thanks for your suggestion :smiley:

Gibbon in many ways does a lot of things and is very flexible, but as open source software made and maintained by a small team, it won’t ever be able to replicate every piece of software out there, especially specialized financial software. The finance options in the system should allow small to medium sized schools to meet their needs with a fair bit of flexibility, and indeed using Fees and Fee Categories you can setup instalment payments.

Custom fields for finance are quite possible for upcoming versions of Gibbon. What area would they most likely to be useful for? Invoices? Let us know the use case you have in mind.