Free class enrolment

I would like to allow students already registered in the system and in the current year to enrol in the classes they want. We offer the classes 2 weeks before they start and the students chose what they want to attend. Is it possible to do that or I really have to enrol students in classes as administrator?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Marcelo, welcome to the Gibbon community.

There isn’t an option for this built-in, however there is a Course Selection module that may be of use. It’s setup so that administrators setup course offerings, which contain a selection of courses organized into blocks, which can have a minimum and maximum number of selections per block. You could add the courses all to one block and one offering if you don’t need that functionality. Then, you can choose to approve the students course requests. From there, there’s a tool to turn student course selections into possible timetables, which if you have more than one class for a course, will try to find the best fit for each student. Again, if you don’t need that level of functionality, you can just run the process and use the Go Live option, which will turn student course selections into class enrolments.

Hope this helps! There isn’t much documentation for this module yet as I recently released it, but I’m happy to help answer any questions.

Great! Thanks a lot Sandra.