Hi there, 

Is there any instruction for Finance on Gibbon. I could not send emails out after imputing information in fields of invoice.  It says “THIS INVOICE IS A PREVIEW: IT HAS NOT YET BEEN ISSUED AND IS FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY!

Please help. 


Thanks for your question. When issues are created, their status is set to Pending. They can be edited and added to in this state. Once they are ready they can be issued, which can be done individually or bulk. Once issued, they are shared with parents, and cannot be changed. The message you are seeing (in red above), means that the invoice is still Pending, and so has not been issued. Once issued, this message will disappear.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to add follow up questions on this issue on this thread, or start a new thread for new questions.



The answer you have given isn’t really the situation either, as we click issue, then it says successful, but says one or more of your emails could not be sent…and when we check the email account…there is no email. Miss My (Cherry 2015) has set up a dummy account for testing using her email address for a ‘pretend’ parent and student account we have set up to test with.


I have gone into your system (as discussed via email) and printed an issued invoice, and that looks OK (although you still have the Lorem ipsum placeholder text in a few places, so you might want to check that), so that side of things seem fine.

I am wondering if email is setup on your server correctly. Is Messenger working in terms of sending outgoing emails? If it is not, then it would suggest a server-config issue. Can you ask your IT admins to check the out going email log on the server to see if there are any hints there?



Thanks for that Ross, We haven’t actually been using Gibbon for any messaging yet, so that sounds like it might be the problem.  I will ask out IT team to check for me.