Finance Reporting

i was actually trying to find Reporting Section on Gibbon, but i did not see Reporting section , Specially for Finance , for example how can i Check Daily collection Report or monthly Collection Report, or even Annually Report, i found only individual Student Payment  Report. but how can i check how much money collected this month or this year in total. as well by group such as "Grade-1, Grade-2 , Grade-3 etc   
i just want know whether this Feature  exist on Gibbon or not, if exist there where it actually located. 

Rest Regard 


Have you looked at the Query Builder module in Gibbon? This is an additional module (, and with a license gives you a well stocked library of SQL queries. You can either add your own, or ask us to add specific queries for you. Do you want to take a look, and let us know how you get on?



PS, sorry for the delay in replying. For some reason the notification email for this post never made it to me.

Hi Ross, i have query builder.installed. Can u pls help me add the very queries requested by Andrew above?

Steve, no problem, just email a request to, including your organisation (school or company) name, and we will issue you a free 1 year license. Ross

Hi Everyone,

I was looking for same feature, I want to know how much collected fees and how much remaining(pending) payments for whole school or by grade , by month…
This will help me alot.

I hope if you could support me to make this feature in my school system management.

Luai, have you installed Query Builder? If so, email a request to for a license, including your organisation (school or company) name, and we will issue you a free 1 year license, giving you a stock of queries to use. If what you want is not included, let us know and we will try (no promises!) to build the query for you.

I didn’t installed query builder yet,
But I will install and send a request to your email, even so gibbon is amazing as it is in current status.
Its handle all school needs,

Kind regards