Finance and Search Bar not showing current year levels

I understand that increment year levels have been submitted
When I click Finance, it shows 2017 as the default as oppose to 2018
In the search bar, it shows students in their 2017 class as oppose to their 2018 class despite all students being enrolled in the correct class for 2018
Is there a way to set 2018 as the default year or check when the increment year option was submitted?
Thank you

Hi TuitionworksAdmin,

In School Admin > Manage School Years you can see which year is Current and possibly change the current year to 2018 if needed. Often the current year isn’t changed manually and rather is rolled-over using the User Admin > Rollover tool, which handles the student enrolment rollover and adds the next year in the sequence. More info can be found on the support page:

Hope this helps!