Filter users to find out missing data and ask for update.

Hello gibbon team.
when we first started with Gibbon we imported a list of 100+ students, that only had names and usernames.
now, we want to guide our teachers to update their student’s missing data, but instead of asking a teacher to go through each students in the data updater, which is a challenge, we want to filter out which students need the data update urgently and ask the teachers to update those.

i have tried to export all users data from Data Admin Manage records so we can filter on excel and do what we need, but it failed, as it is still in beta, is there another way we can do this?
Thanks ?

Hi Aziz,

Happy to try and help! Data Admin’s Import/Export functionality has been moved into the Gibbon Core (as of v18 I believe), and so best to find it under Admin > System Admin > Import From File.

However, the Export in this action functionality does not export data, but rather exports the template document for you to enter imports into.

To export data check out the Query Builder module. Here you can write SQL queries to pull out the data you are looking for. With a Value Added License from you can get access to a library of 120+ useful SQL queries, which can help accelerate the process of getting out the data you are looking for.

If you get stuck building a query, we can also help you here.

If you give teachers access to People > Data Admin > Update Personal Data_any they can submit the updated information as a request, that an administrator can then check and process.

It’s been great seeing you contribute to the forums recently! Thanks for taking the time to help others : )



Hi Ross, thanks for the reply.
I was referring to the section “manage records” in my post, but it didn’t work for me.
as for the quires i didn’t really tap in to them, as i am completely ignorant about that.

However i managed to do what i needed “which is check which of my students doesn’t have a birth date, so i can instruct my teachers to update”.

can be done from: Students > Home > Students > Students by Roll Group
View: Extended
then sort by DOB
and can be exported to Excel as well.

Hope someone comes across this and it helps him.

Thanks for taking the time to follow up Aziz! There are a range of different reports built into Gibbon, so I’m glad to hear that you found one that did what you needed.