Fast finder and dropdown menu

Greetings to the Gibbon World!

I have a minor issue with Gibbon and hope you can help to resolve it.

I want parents to be able to view their children’s profiles. To achieve this, I enabled ‘View Student Profile_myChildren’ in permissions for parents. However, it makes it possible for parents to see other students’ names, classes and usernames from the fast finder (though they cannot actually see the profile of other students). I don’t want parents to know the names, classes or usernames of other students in the school. Is there any way to:

  1. stop fast finder from putting out the names in the dropdown menu
  2. disable fast finder for the parents

Thanks for your help.

Hi Edgewood,

As luck would have it this issue was just patched yesterday in the current development branch :slight_smile: Which version of Gibbon are you running? Let us know and we can advise you on how to apply this fix (depending on your Gibbon version it may be a simple one-file update).


@skuipers you are a legend, getting onto these so fast. There was actually some behind the scenes emails between myself and Tayo at Edgewood that preceded this post…hence it seems coincidental!


@skuipers Greetings!

Greetings! Glad to hear about the patch. I am running version 13.0.01. Looking forward to the file.

Awesome, 13.0.01 is the most recent stable version so it’ll be easiest to update. Replace the file called index_fastFinder_ajax.php in your root Gibbon folder (same folder as index.php) with the following file:

If you test by logging into a parent account you should find that they will now only see children from their family in the Fast Finder.

Thanks a million. It worked!