failing to export columns, is it a Bug?!

Hello Dears

after upgrading to v22 , exporting columns for import from file is failing, and failing of import too . for experiment i rolled back to mysql 5.7 ( from mysql 8)… the same error with column export but the import went fine.

our system runs in a dockerized container behind a reverse proxy ( a littel bit choatic ), just want to to know if the export is working fine for everyone , or is it a bug in the last release so i check my backend configs.

thanks for all


Hi Taha, it is working for other v22 installations, so perhaps there is something in your system configuration. Can you check the System Admin > System Check page to see that all the PHP extensions are installed? Another possibility is to double check that the vendor folder was full uploaded when you updated Gibbon. Be sure to check your PHP error log, as it may give some clues as to why the import/export is failing.

thanks sandra for the respose and sorry of being late.

with checking my PHP settings all are marked green and running well.
I tried other ways and it seems not a gibbon problem, may be my reverse proxy rules made this issue.
I’ll be back once I figure out the error.


finally figured out that my stack was missing the php7-xmlwrite extension. installed and worked perfectly.

Thank you sanda

Good to hear you have it working. Yes, xml is one of the required extensions, if you visit System Admin > System Check you should see that it is marked with a checkmark now.

the xml was marked ok in System Admin > System Check from the start, and thats what confused me. Later on,
I found that I only have php7-xmlreader extension installed which seems to give the green OK on the system check, although the xmlwriter were missing causing the failure of exports.