Facility Timetable vs Available Facilities report


The “View Timetable by Facility” shows the booking, but the “View Available Facilities” report does not show the bookings, only the availability according to the classes taken in each room/facility at each time slot.

Is this the expected behavior? Because it is a bit confusing that depending on where you query the system you get different information. Am I missing something or maybe doing something wrong here?

Thank you!

The View Available Facilities automatically excludes rooms that have been booked as well as rooms that have been used through the facility change tool. If you’re seeing a discrepancy please do share some screenshots or steps to reproduce.

I’ll check the reports again and let you know if I find any discrepancy…
Thank you!

Well, I found no discrepancy in the data so far.
To summarize, the only difference, which is not a discrepancy but a difference in concept, is that the View Timetable by Facility provides the occupancy for a single facility (as the title says), and the View Available Facilities report shows availability for all the facilities.
And this is fine, as having a specific report of all occupied rooms won’t probably add much useful information.