Extend Modules

Please can someone help on how to install (Ubuntu) and make use of extend modules?


Please try and keep your posts to a single question. I will answer the module question here, but please post in a new thread for Ubuntu help.

Once you download a module, it will appear as a .zip file: decompress this, and look inside the folder that you get. The folder contains a sub folder with the name the same as the module name (this is important!). Upload the folder to the /modules folder on your server, and then go to Admin > System Admin in the main menu and Manage Modules in the module menu. You will see an entry, in orange, for the new module. Click on the install button.

That should do it.



Thanks, i indicated i am currently using ubuntu and not installing ubuntu. i am locked out from gibbon. i havent done the smtp setup. how do i reset gibbon admin password without using email reset option?

I see, I must have misunderstood. The best bet is to go into your database and locate your entry in gibbonPerson. Delete the values for passwordStrong and passwordStrongSalt, and then use the md5 function to set a password in the password column.

Done. Thanks!