Extend Modules compatibility issue with latest Gibbon Version

Hi team,

We are trying to do a bulk student data import in the latest Gibbon version i.e. V19.

On the forums I got to know about the extended modules for Gibbon. For my purpose I tried to use Data Admin Module but it says its just compatible with Gibbon V 17 and even after installing it didn’t work for me.

I can see a similar compatibility difference for other modules which we would love to try and use.

Can someone help us use these?

Hi vsk,

The version you see is the minimum version required, and so it will work up to the latest version. Sometimes there are two different versions of a module, and so you can infer that the older one works for a range of older version of Gibbon (say v17 to v18) and the newer one works for newer version of Gibbon (say v19+).

If you try and install a module, and run into any issues, just let us know.



Hi Ross,

I just realized that the some functionality of Data Admin module has been incorporated into the System Admin > Import from file tab.

Have installed the Data Admin Module separately as well though. Will post if we face any issues further.



Hi Ross

As for the issues with Import from file in System Admin. I tried importing the students with Basic User import functionality. It did upload my data and show in the list of students to be enrolled but when I try to enroll them into various year groups and roll groups it show database error. And this is happening just for the student users that I have imported from excel rest entries using regular form work fine.

Similarly when I bulk imported the parents. They did show up in the list of parents but when I try to fetch them in creating a family to add them as members they don’t show up in the drop down menu.

Is there something I am doing wrong?


I just found out what I was missing B)

While filling the basic details of a user if you don’t set any Status for the user the system sets it to left by default. Which you can change either in the excel sheet before uploading or going to each users profile and changing it.

Good work Kiran, and sorry we did not get a response to you soon!

As you’ve correctly noted, imports were moved from Data Admin to the core : )

No worries, I can understand the delay.

However, I would really appreciate if there you could share a detailed user manual.


Hi Kiran, thanks for your feedback, I’m glad to hear you were able to import your data. Gibbon is made through a volunteer effort, and the documentation is likewise created through a donation of time from our developers and community members. We do try to cover the major functionality, but there are lots of areas that could be expanded upon too. Be sure to check out the docs if you haven’t already, and post here on the forums if you have any further questions: https://docs.gibbonedu.org

Hi sandra,

Sure, I have already gone through https://docs.gibbonedu.org and it did help me get started.

I am glad that you guys are really active on the forum.