export struture is not working in core16 installation


I have installed core16 gibbon in ubuntu and working fine.

Recently I found that under Dataadmin->>TIMETABLE ADMIN->>Timetable Spaces/Rooms…

This export structure is not working and the page redirect to “is currently unable to handle this request.

Please assist me how to resolve this error.

Hi jatinrku,

I’ve seen this before if one of the required PHP extensions is missing, perhaps that’s the issue. If you click Data Admin > Data Admin Settings are there any red X’s next to the system requirements? Otherwise, be sure to check your PHP error log to see if there’s any recent messages in there that may be related.

Hi Sandra,

There is no red mark.

All the extensions are installed.

Okay, the next step would be to check your PHP error logs for any clues.

Also, does the export function work for other areas of Gibbon (eg: Query Builder or Markbook). This may help indicate if it’s an issue with the configuration in general, or just that one script.

Yes, It is working with all except Timetable Spaces/Rooms.