Export structure is not working from Public access

I have setup the Gibbon in Virtual Box and published on live ip.

When I access from live ip and login into it.
Admin->>Data Admin ->>Staff …Click on Export Structure

It is throwing me error on browser as mentioned below.

Firefox can’t find the file at http://domain.com/modules/Data Admin/export_run.php?type=staff&data=0

Please help me to resolve this issue.

@ross any input you want to give here?

Hi jatinrku,

I wonder if perhaps you system doesn’t have a required extension installed, such as php_xml, php_zip or php_gd. If you visit the Data Admin Settings page there is a compatibility check that should be able to identify any missing extensions for you. Also, which versions of Gibbon and Data Admin are you experiencing the error with?


Hi Sandra,

Thank you.

It works now after install php_xml, php_zip.

Awesome, glad to hear it’s working for you.