Error with export Staff Coverage to Excel

Hi, when trying to export Staff Coverage columns to Excel I receive an error page:
"Oh no!

Something has gone wrong: the Gibbons have escaped!

An error has occurred. This could mean a number of different things, but generally indicates that you have a misspelt address, or are trying to access a page that you are not permitted to access. If you cannot solve this problem by retyping the address, or through other means, please contact your system administrator."

even if I copy and past the link same. This happen with only this field (Staff Coverage).
Thank you
Keep the good work

I m using :
Gibbon Version
PHP Version
MySQL Version

Hi ssccd, can you let me know where in Gibbon you’re exporting the staff coverage? Are you using a query via Query Builder, and export via Data Admin, or some other part of the system? Thanks!

Hi Sandra thanks for your response and sorry for the delay. I am using the report via admin - system admin- import data… i even downloaded the module for the data admin ( ) and installed the same error. And did a fresh install on another test system same error and always on the same link staff coverage export.

Hi ssccd, I’ve checked this out and have reproduced the issue, which only seems to happen with this one import definition. There was no obvious error with this file so it will take some more investigation. I will check it out and see if I can share a fix in the coming days.

Hi, ok great news, am glad you was able to find the problem. Hope the fix will b soon. Thank you