Error in Multi TimeTable feature

(Also reported in Github)

Hello Gibbon Team - I extend heartfelt compliments for the meticulous work done with Gibbon as a flexible school management system. However, I am reporting a issue here.

Role: Administrator
Platform - XAMPP for Windows

While exploring the multi timetable feature offered in Gibbon (v, I came across an unexpected outcome for a routine scenario. At a high level,as an administrator, I was trying to set up two different timetables- One for Junior Students (Year Group 7,8,9) and another for Senior Students (year group 10,11,12,13).

After successful completion of required steps, I see two options for selecting timetable on my homepage (expected). However, both show the same time table (unexpected). Whichever timetable was FIRST tied to date always shows up as the timetable for other one too.

please follow this link to access the document:

The document contains the screenshot of steps followed and results with comments. Please let me know if you need any further info.


Thanks for sharing this bug, and for your very detailed description. I have replicated the issue, and it believe I have managed to fix it. It seems it was only occurring on the homepage, not when you viewed in the Timetable module.

The fix will be included in v11, but I am sure you will want it in your system in v10. The two files that have been edited (/index.php and /index_tt_ajax.php) in the commit linked below should be backwards compatible, so you can upload them into your v10 install.

Let me know if this works for you or not.



That was a speedy response, Ross!

On replacing the local files with the ones shared in the link above, the result did not meet the expectation. Home screen continued to show the timetable as before, plus string “here” is also reflecting.

Also, click on different timetables is yielding here .

Result Snapshot:

Steps followed:
2 files - /index.php and /index_tt_ajax.php were copied from the github link (as shared above) into the local system in the corresponding directory.

apache was restarted.

Anything, I am missing out ?

We try to respond fast to help schools get the best out of Gibbon. The debug code you spotted was accidentally left in place after the fix went it, and has been fixed in this commi:

Beyond that, I have tested it, and can switch between timetables fine on the homepage now. Both showing as they should. Can you upload the fixed file and see if it makes a difference?

Does timetable switching work when you view a timetable in Learn > Timetable?