Error at Login

Here is part of my error log:

[Thu Oct 21 17:53:04.381961 2021] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 2108:tid 140043825628928] [client ~:24820] AH01071: Got error ‘PHP message: Notice: Undefined variable: session in /~/public_html/home/modules…ught Exception: Error - Call to a member function get() on null in /~/public_html/home/modules/Info Grid/hook_dashboard_infoGridView.php on line 34’, referer:

It looks infoGrid related? What do I do to fix this? Some users can’t log in, and get the Oh no! Something has gone wrong: the Gibbons have escaped! error.


Gibbon v22.0.00

The error went away when I uninstalled Info Grid

Hi Tieku, can you let us know what version of Info Grid you are using? I’ll then try and replicate the issue. Cheers! Ross.


Hi Tieku, I’ve just tested this with Core v22.0.01 and v2.4.00 and there is no issue. One option would be to update from v22.0.00 to see if that helps. The other is to adjust line 31 below to read:

global $container, $autoloader, $session;

This should not be needed as of v22.0.00, but I’m interested to see what happens if you do add it.



Adjusting line 31 has allowed users to log in. The error is gone. I will next try upgrading to v22.0.01

I upgraded the site to v22.0.01. No login issues.

Great, thanks for letting me know! After the upgrade, if you revert line 31 back to the way it was, does the issue come back? Useful to know!

No the issue did not come back after reverting line 31 back to global $container, $autoloader;

Perfect, thanks!