Email on editing the messages sent earlier

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask about one module in Messenger option on Gibbon. I send one message to some users using Email for the parents teacher meeting, but in that Email i forgot to mention the time and the mails was sent to selected users, when i tried to edit that message thinking of another emails will be sent to all the previous selected user. But this doesn’t happened so, there is any implementation or way, that without creating a new message i can edit that message and save my time from selecting those 40-50 peoples again. Waiting for your reply…

Hi akanrat,

I don’t believe there’s currently a way to re-send a message by email. I wonder if that behaviour may have been intentional, to prevent someone from accidentally sending out too many emails to the same group of people.

It may not help for this instance, but if this is a group of people you wish to email frequently, there’s a new feature in v16 where you can create a messenger Group. You could add your 40-50 people and then next time you send an email you would select the group rather than finding and selecting their names individually.

Hope this helps!

Hi sandra,

thanks for your information, sorry for the late response as i got busy with my work