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Geat Mind in the house, can someone please enlighten me, on how to enable one parent who is contact priority to receive email and SMS messages from my school Portal. Are there special things I need to fix, when targetting parents, I can be fairly certain that messages should get through to each family?

Your assistance will be highly appreciated

Hello Victoryland! Gibbon’s Contact Priority system makes sure any family will always have exactly one Contact Priority 1 adult. This adult, as long as they have an email address listed, will always receive emails directed to families. Adults that are on Contact Priority 2 or 3 can have these emails disabled, but Priority 1 cannot.

In Messenger, you can also check send reports to see who an email has been sent to, and see if your message has been delivered. You can access the send report from this circular button in the interface.

Hope this helps!

@hmerrett not show me receipt confirmation status.

Mind Builder,

Still on the issues of failed mail delivery, does it mean that our are not sent directly to our Target group. This is the massage I receive from the Software when I sent an email to School staff. –

Your message has been dispatched to a team of highly trained gibbons for delivery: not all messages may arrive at their destination, but an attempt has been made to get them all out. You’ll receive a notification once all messages have been sent.

Was our mail sent to gibbons team before they will be sent to our target audience

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Hi Francis,

This is the default message when sending any messages through Messenger. It is a bit of a play on words, suggesting that the messages are being delivered by a team of gibbons (the animal). In short: the message was sent successfully, and every effort was made to get it to the recipients. The reason we cannot guarantee every email will arrive is that email relies on the receiving server as well as the sending server, so if there was any issue with the email receiving server, the message may not arrive.

The sender of the email will receive an email with an indication of the number of emails that were sent, and if there were any errors sending to specific email addresses, they will be listed in that email.


Thanks, for your response