Email failed to deliver

Great Educators,

Since I upgraded to volumes 20 and 21, I have been unable to send emails from the software to Parents and Teachers alike, Please what could have been wrong? can someone please help. Thanks for your regular responses.

Hello! This is odd, and should (in theory!) not be to do with the Gibbon version…unless it is related to a PHP version issue. Whatever the cause, the reason should be visible in your PHP and mail logs. Are you able to check these to see if you can spot any related errors? Thanks, Ross.

Thank Ross, nothing shows in my PHP and mail logs, all this while I have been searching for a solution, but my developer request was where we carry out a crone job in Gibbon.


Hi Francis,

Are emails to staff working? Or no emails at all? Are you using local MTA sending, or SMTP under Admin > System Admin > Third Party Settings?

For cron, Gibbon does not let you set up cron jobs directly: these need to be done on your OS, or via your host’s cPanel. What kind of server are you on?



Hi Ross,

Thank you for your care, no emails at all are working, I am using SMTP on Third-Party Setting, it works when I started with V18 and V19 but all emails and notifications stopped after upgrading to V20 and V21 versions.

I’m on a Linux server with Interserve’s hosting, we try to install postfix email sender which require Plesk cPanel but my host said there is no back up for Plesk on the Linux server unless I move to the Window server, Did V20 and V21 require special email sender software?, because SMTP works fine with v18 and v19 and I receive all emails notifications.

Your assistance is highly appreciated

Best regard

Hi Francis,

You are most welcome, and I’m sorry to hear that you are running into these issues.

The last substantial SMTP-related changes were in v18, so I don’t believe this should be due to the upgrade. It could be, but it could also be coincidence.

One option is to install a test version of v19 on the server, with the same SMTP config, to see if that works or not.

Also, you can check on the SMTP server to see if that is logging any issues, perhaps to do with authentication.