Email designs for invoices and receipts

Hi folks,

I did my first tests with emailing invoices and receipts today.

Up to now we used the printout feature inside Gibbon to get invoices and receipts for our guardians. This worked well for us and the quality is right.

The tests I did so far using email are a little disappointing. Those rich text-/HTML emails just don’t look as expected. It doesn’t even show our logo, which may be a bug, I guess.

Anyway, I was wondering if there isn’t a way to make emails of invoices and receipts look Gibbon-like. After all it uses the same technology, which is HTML, right?

My goal is to have an email which looks very similar as the ones from within Gibbon having those nice thin grey line divisions and green, red, and grey shades and colors, etc.

Is it a technical limitation of rich text-/HTML emails and simply not possible?

Kind regards,

Hi Roman, v18 introduced rich text templates to Gibbon for the first time (thanks to @ross for this great feature). They should apply to most areas of the system, and result in a nicely formatted and branded email. This has not yet been applied to the Finance emails, however. I’ve made a note of this as a known issue on our v19 project board, and we’ll do our best to look into it during the release cycle. Feel free to jump into the code and take a look if you’d like. Thanks! Ross.