Is there a way to have a consolidated “effort” mark, somenthing like this:
Student #1: Mike Pence
Term: 1

  1. English: 90
  2. Math: 95
  3. Biology: 100

By checking his effort (average of 3 subjects above) and by observation Effort= E (Excellent)

Student #2: Donald Trump
Term: 1

  1. English: 75
  2. Math: 50
  3. Biology: 30

By checking his effort (average of 3 subjects above) and by observation Effort= NI (Needs Improvement).
Much better if Gibbon can make an average calculation for the 3 subjects and based on a scale to place the corresponding Effort mark.

Our effort scale is E:Excellent, S:Satisfatory, I: Improving, NI:Needs Improvement and U: Unsatisfactory
Our points is, we dont need teachers to assess Effort for each column in a markbook (this sounds too time consuming).
I tried to solve this problem by adding a “new” column with the “effort” name, also separated with the rest of columns,

With this result:

Now my problem is that an “X” appears on top of of the column , so teachers are going to assume there is a problem or mistake with this column, and also this effort mark corresponds to the class section or subjetc, and we just want it as a consolidated for all subjects in one term.
So at the end I would like to have something like this:

Let me know if this is possible using gibbon? or, do I have to use the Badges Module?
I think it would be much better and easier if gibbon makes an average calculation and then place the corresponding effort letter, like when we use an “If” function using MS-Excel to place a message.

Hi Adolfo,

I believe Ross designed effort this way because assessing a student’s effort is is something that requires a human touch (rather than a computer calculation). A student may have a low grade, but they can be engaged and trying hard in class, which deserves an Effort value separate from their academic attainment. Calculating a student’s effort based on their grades would counteract the deliberate approach taken to recognize effort and attainment as separate metrics; as such, it’s probably fair to say it’s not likely to be added to Gibbon.

Your idea of using a separate column sounds fine (btw: the red X will disappear once for any markbook column once the Date is added ). Otherwise, if you only want to track one per student you could create an Internal Assessment and attach it to a single course (something pastoral in nature, or perhaps create a course for that purpose).

Hope this helps!

Thanks Sandra, based on your suggestion I added a new internal assesment type, look:

Now, once I go to to Asses > Formal Assesment > Manage Internal Assesment, why gibbon is asking to choose from this long list of sections??? (subjects… in our case):

We just need to asses the student effort for a single year , not for all subjects
I mean, I would like to choose from a list like this:

Thanks in advance

Adolfo, internal assessment is done based on gibbonCourseClass, so it is on subject classes not form groups. If you want to assess on form groups, you could make subject classes to match your form groups. As an admin, you see a long list of classes, but your teachers will only see the classes they are involved in. Hope this helps. Ross.

How do I make a subject class?, and how do I match it with FORM group? (specific steps please!!).
I really have doubts because I think I already made subjects classes !!! but I´m not sure if I did it using the right way, or the way you are explaining, please help !!!

Adolfo, well, you have already made use of subject classes, such as 1STEFF.B in the dropdown list in the screenshot 3 posts above this. Just make some new courses and classes, and give them the same name as your form groups. No automated matching is available, but just use the same name so people recognize that they are the same thing.


Thanks Ross, seems to be my english level is my problem. When you say “Just make some new courses and classes” are you talking about “subject classes” ?, I mean: 2NDEFF.A, 2NDEFF.B, for Year2, then 3RDEFF.A, 3RDEFF.B for Year3 and so on until Year 12?

No problem. Yes I am talking about subject classes, but give them the same names as your form groups.

Ummm, thanks Ross, but why the same name? am i gonna have an advantage if instead of:
“2NDEFF.A, 2NDEFF.B, for Year2, then 3RDEFF.A, 3RDEFF.B for Year3”

I use:
“02A and 02B for year2, then 03A and 03B for year3”

Is it ok??? what is the advantage?

Well, you were asking to report by form group, right, so they you would want to use the same name as your form groups, to make it clear that these grades are for a form group, not subject/class groups. Hope this makes sense.