Display Classes with different colors in the Timetable view, depending on the Course they belong to

How are you?

I wanted to know if it would be possible to display Classes in the Timetable with a different color depending on the Course/Class they belong to. (or at least the Course)
Similar to what you see when you have bookings.

This would be very useful from a visual perspective in cases such as when a Teacher teaches more than one Course, or different Classes of the same Course, or when you have to assign dummy Classes as placeholders for a particular activity.

Thank you!!

Hi Ricardo, at this time it’s not possible. I’ve moved your post to the Feature Request category, we can certainly add it to the list, but do know that the list is large and our teams efforts are generally focused on ongoing refactoring to the core. Thanks!

Thank you, Sandra!
I’m aware that the list is large and this request will probably be nice and useful, but it is not urgent at all.