Difficulty for same students names and same parents/family names in Attendance, Finance, Markbook

Respected Admin/Sandra,
We are facing the difficulty for those students and parents which have same names. as in attendance and markbook there is no clue to recognize them .

We have set Student IDs for all students but there is no use of setting SIDs as they are not showing in any section of Gibbon. Is it possible that SID appears with each student name in every section so that it can be recognized easily?

Another issue is that when we want a student to link with parent, if there are multiple parents with same name how we recognize that which of them to be selected. Is there any option that username or family sync key appears before parent name.

Third issue is there is no option to locate invoices family wise.

Can you help us to find the solutions of these.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best Regards,
Ghulam Abbas

Hi Ghulam Abbas

Have you try the “Username Formats”? May be instead of showing Surname too may help? Or put something in Preferred Name to distinguish them? Just a thought


Respected Gary,
Yes I tried this but the case is students having same preferred names and with parents with same surname and proffered names.

There is no id to distinguish them.

Hi Ghulam,

In many areas of the system, we aim to add the username in brackets () after the name to help differentiate users, and in some cases add the role of the user. Since v18 we’ve also started adding the photo of users to many drop-downs, to help with this situation. For example:

It’s an ongoing process of improvement, so if you’re able to share the specific areas of the system you’re having trouble with the dropdowns, we can aim to continue updating these.

In the meantime, it may help to ensure your student username formats are different than your parent usernames, which Gary has highlighted above. The username formats are flexible to enable a prefix or different format for different types of roles. For example, in my school the student ID and usernames are numeric, and staff usernames start with a 1, students with a 2, parents with a 3.

Hope this helps!

Example 1 attendance sheet (Please look at Noor Fatima) at first row and 3rd row. Here is no ID or username mentioned

Example 2 from Markbook please see Fatima,Noor Here is also no SID or Username

Example 3 from Behaviour Please see Fatima,Noor Here no ID or Username mentioned.

Example 4 from Finance please look at Fatima, Noor here is also no ID or Username

Other example where no ID and usernames are not Mentioned is People …> Students, similarly is the case for parents in many areas. Please look into this problem and its solution as this feature must be included to distinguish the users of same name , same parents names, if we upload photo then it is also required.

Hi Ghulam, I’ll let @ross respond to these, but just a quick question: is this production data (e.g. real people), if so, I’d suggest we remove the screenshots for privacy reasons. Thanks!

Hi Ghulam, thanks for these examples, I’ll see about adding some more details to help differentiate students with the same name. For cases like the markbook and attendance, there isn’t a ton of space for long names. What I have done in the past is added hover-over information with the student ID and their full legal name.

Feel free to keep pointing out these cases as you spot them, and we’ll aim to update them for v19. As Ross mentions, if these are real students it may be best to remove the photos. You’re welcome to email them to support@gibbonedu.org