Different School Timings in academic year

I have a specific problem to support, different timings in a academic year. For example from 1-03-2019 to 31-08-2019, school timings are between 7.30 AM to 1.30 PM. While from 1-09-2019 to 28-02-2020 school timings are between 9.30 AM to 3.30 PM. Can this situation get configured with GIBBON. Please help…

Hi Vimal,

At the moment this is not possible. Would it work to divide the school year into two, such as 2018-19 Summer and 2018-19 Winter?


Thanks Ross for your response. The problem is Home > School Admin > Manage Days of the Week is a single entity for whole school, which seems to be configured globally. So it can not be mapped to a specific school year, I think so. So changing school timings will also impact the time-table of school also for different activities. Not sure, please correct if I am wrong…

Hi Vimal, whilst this is true, if you use the Timetable, people will see from the design of your columns when different days end. You can use different columns for different days (e.g. days early in the year, vs days later in the year), and so achieve some of the desired effect. In the end, the Days of the Week simply help define the outer limits of the timetable, but much else is done by the combination of columns, days and dates within Timetable Admin. Cheers. Ross.