Delete Demo Data

Hey I’m just getting started with Gibbon. I installed the demo data to check it out but I can’t seem to find anything about deleting all the demo data? I would like to get more familiar with Gibbon by just starting from scratch.

Is there any script I can run to delete everything except for my user account?


Good question. At current there is no facility for this: our assumption is that people would do a demo install to learn what they need, and then do a separate install if they decide to implement Gibbon. You could look at /gibbon_demo.sql to see what is inserted into which tables, and then hand remove the data as needed. Probably easier to do a clean install though.



I delete config.php from the web root directory and dropped the database, give write permissions to the web root directory.
That make the install program to do a fresh installation.

Hi @jlangarano this is a good way to do it, thanks for sharing. The only downside of this approach is if you want to keep some of the data that you’ve added into the system. If this is your aim, then it is very difficult to unpick…hence we would avoid using the demo data in this way. Cheers, Ross.

Hi Ross, I last post was 2 years ago…has anything changed since in term of deleting the demo database from my install which we finally got working thanks to Sandra and my friend Michael…
I am going step by step and realised that the demo has thousands of user name etc…and I cannot seem to be able to delete anything in group…only individually! Will take me years…:):slight_smile: and after what happen I am worried to re-install on top of that one?
Any idea? Didier

Hi Didier, it would be very hard to extract the demo data, as it is across so many tables. You can leave your install intact in terms of files, but just rebuild the database without demo data, by following @jlangarano’s advice above. Good luck!

Thanks. Will try or simply start form scratch, since I am just being able to add infos anyway and re-install without the demo…Will see.

Ross, followed @jlangarano’s advice and was able to delete the database and delete the config.php and change the permission but unfortunately for me I am now back to square one with my server error that I was getting after logging in…except that now I cannot logging in anymore therefore cannot do a fresh reinstall?

Ross got it fix. All good! Some permission was checked…learning slowly but surely!