Delete all users from a demo installation, except administrators

Hi there: I would like to run a script called “DemoUserDelete.php” to delete all users (except administrators) in my Gibbon demo installation,
Firstly, where do i have to place this file?
Can I run this script from my windows 8 terminal?, or by using ftp? and how?.
Or maybe I have to require this task to our web hosting service?, where the gibbon app was installed by the way.
Thanks in advance


To run this script, upload to to your webserver, and put it in the root director for Gibbon (e.g. where Gibbon’s index.php file is). Then go to your Gibbon installation via your webs browser, and added demoUserDelete.php instead of index.php. This will run the script, then you can delete it via FTP (to stop others running it later, which would be very bad!).



Thanks a lot!!. I also deleted my account (because I was not the main admin user), but because I was in with admin priviliges I re-created account. Thanks

No problem, our pleasure to help!