Default value into application form


I do have an application form and I want it to have default value in Antecipated Year of Entry, Year Group at Entry and Roll Group at Entry. Actually I want those fields to have a value that the applicant do not see.

The ideia is that when I accept the application, the enrolment is performed in the default year, year group and roll group. Is it possible?

Hi Marcelo, I’ve added the option to set default values for form fields, including office-only fields, to v25. This change isn’t easily applied to earlier versions, but luckily the v25 release is only about a month away, on Jan 20, 2023. In the meantime, my recommendation would be to add these as office-only fields and be sure to select them before accepting the application form. Hope this helps!

Ok. I will wait for the next version. Thanks a lot.