Default Dashboard Tab

I’m wondering how can I change the default dashboard tab in the staff and student profiles.
I’ve seen the gibbonSetting “staffDashboardDefaultTab” with value “planner” which is the default option it shows in the administration, but I can’t find where to add more tabs or if I have to add it in the database directly.

I need to set the personal information of each user as the main tab when they log in.

Thanks in advance!

samjm, the list you see in this setting (which is set under Admin > School Admin > Manage Dashboard Settings) grows if you install modules that use the dashboard hook to inject extra options in here. At current, there is no tab available that describes what I think you are asking for, which sounds like an option to see your own personal data in a tab. It would be possible to design a module to do this if you wanted to. Ross.

Yes, that’s it, I’ll try to make it.
Thanks Ross!

samjm, no problem. Take a look at the Info Grid module on our Extend page, as it has examples of additional dashboard tabs for staff, students and parents.

Thank you Ross, that works nicely for my purpose!