Data updater database Error

More and more of our parent found database error when they find to update the information using data updater. I try to login with their account and it will show the following error when they select their name to update.

“Your request failed due to a database error”

Any advice what should I do?

Our current gibbon is 8.3 and we cannot upgrade our gibbon to higher version in the middle of this year

Please help!



This issue has been fixed in more recent versions. It is a shame you cannot update, as by using 8.3, you are going to run into some issues like this, as well as missing out on new functionality.

It is also very hard for us to support old versions.

The best thing is to look at changes between your version of the affected file, and the version in v10. I would not replace the whole file (as it might have other changes, that the one you need), but you might be able to spot the fix, and roll it back into your system.

Let me know how you get on.