Data Admin module wont work after upgrade to v25

Hello team, as the title says, Just updated to v25.
I needed to export some data, but DataAmin module is not working.

I made sure my database is updated, and every thing is fine.

Database is up to date as well

Restored a backup to V24.0.1 for now
Data admin is working fine
hopefully once this issue is sorted i can upgrade ?

Thanks for the heads up. It’s important to note that Data Admin is an additional module and not part of the core, so v25 was working fine and didn’t necessarily need to be reset back to a previous version. We do aim to test additional modules for each release, however the occasional bug can occur, and we will work to fix them and release an updated version of the module. In this case, I’ve updated Data Admin to v1.7.00, which can be found on the Extend page, and updated as an additional module.

Hi Sandra, thanks for the note, I was aware of that, but as I needed Data Admin to finish some tasks, I decided to downgrade until it is fixed, now I will upgrade again.
thanks again for the quick fix