Daily Summary of Billing/Invoice Collections

Good Day Admin!

First, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and overwhelming appreciation for this school management system as it addresses hundreds of clerical activities that are previously done manually.

I am now on the Billing Module and one thing I am searching for is the summary of Billing/Invoice collections for the day. Our accounting office has 2 cashiers and sometimes 3 during a few days prior to Term Exams, receiving payments and issuing of receipts. Thus, each cashier is required to present a summary of their collections for review and checking purposes if their cash on hand matches with the summary of collections for the day.

Is there a way that this feature can be generated through PDF or exportable to excel?
Data would include:

Cashier’s Name: _____________________ DATE: _________________

  1. Student Name – Schedule – Invoice Issue Date – Invoice Number – Amount
  2. Student Name – Schedule – Invoice Issue Date – Invoice Number – Amount
    And so on….
    Total Collection ___________

Again, thank you in advance.

Hi Rady,

This looks like something that is possible through the Query Builder module. If you have some familiarity with SQL, it’s possible to create a query to export columns as spreadsheet data. I don’t use the finance module myself, so I don’t have a lot of data to test this with, but here’s a query that may get you started:

`SELECT gibbonPerson.surname, gibbonPerson.preferredName, gibbonFinanceBillingSchedule.name as `Schedule`, gibbonFinanceInvoice.invoiceIssueDate as `Invoice Issue Date`, gibbonFinanceInvoice.gibbonFinanceInvoiceID as `Invoice ID`, gibbonPayment.status as `Payment Status`, gibbonPayment.amount as `Amount` 
FROM gibbonFinanceInvoice 
JOIN gibbonFinanceInvoicee ON (gibbonFinanceInvoice.gibbonFinanceInvoiceeID=gibbonFinanceInvoicee.gibbonFinanceInvoiceeID)
JOIN gibbonPerson ON (gibbonFinanceInvoicee.gibbonPersonID=gibbonPerson.gibbonPersonID)
LEFT JOIN gibbonFinanceBillingSchedule ON (gibbonFinanceInvoice.gibbonFinanceBillingScheduleID=gibbonFinanceBillingSchedule.gibbonFinanceBillingScheduleID)
LEFT JOIN  gibbonPayment ON (gibbonFinanceInvoice.gibbonPaymentID=gibbonPayment.gibbonPaymentID)
WHERE gibbonFinanceInvoice.status LIKE 'Paid%'
ORDER BY gibbonFinanceInvoice.paidDate`

Oh! Great!

I already made a few sample Billings and I was able to go through the steps.
Now I can experiment with this. Big-Big-Big HELP indeed!

Again… thank you very much for open source system like this.

Rady Jacer