Cutoff date in data update settings

Hi folks,

I tried to figure out what the cutoff date is doing. I wasn’t able to do so.

Can you help?

Kind regards,

Hi Roman,

The Data Updater has an option to redirect users during login, as well as highlight updates that need done. The cutoff date is what tells the system if someone’s data is up to date or not: anyone who hasn’t submitted a data update after the cutoff is flagged as requiring updates.

For example, if the cutoff is set to May 1st, and the last update I submitted was back in November, then the system will highlight that I need to update my data, and optionally redirect me to that page when I login (based on the settings).

Hope this helps!

Hi Sandra,

That’s exactly how I was expecting it to work!

I did a number of tests and the user is always redirected independently of the date set.

It seems that this is the normal behavior if the user has never submitted an update before, right?

Kind regards,

Yep, this sounds like normal behaviour, the goal for the redirect is to encourage all users to update their data. If they’ve never submitted an update then they’ll be redirected along with any users who haven’t submitted one after the cutoff.